Mark Burton for Manhattan Beach City Council  "Putting Community First!" Campaign

Dear Neighbors and Friends,


My wife and I believe Manhattan Beach to be one of the best cities to reside in the entire country. We are proud long-time homeowners and cherish the privilege of living and raising our children here.


During my 1st term on City Council, I earned a reputation of listening to and fighting for the needs of our residents, grass roots community groups and local business owners to keep Manhattan Beach the special community that it is.  That’s what I’ve done, that’s what I’ll do!


In my 2nd term, I pledge to continue to be your zealous advocate and serve with fidelity, always making my decisions in your best interests and independent of any special interest group or party.  I know that we are first and foremost a residential community with several unique neighborhoods.


Public service is my passion and it has been my professional life’s work with a career distinguished by integrity, professionalism and civility. Before serving as your Mayor and Councilmember, I was a City Attorney with assignments as a Prosecutor, Trial Attorney and General Counsel to several city police, fire and risk management departments.


Now, more than ever, we need our City Council to make our community’s safety their top priority, assert “local control” to fight state overreach into our city and be fiscally prudent.  I have a proven record of making informed decisions and using rational common-sense judgment in getting things accomplished for the greater good.


As the campaign unfolds, I encourage you to please examine every candidate’s experience and qualifications so you can make the most informed decision when you cast your ballot. If you would like to discuss any issue or concern, do not hesitate to reach me at (310) 562-7897 or so I can clarify my platform position, voting record or the basis for any decision.


We have much to be grateful for by “Putting Community First”, I believe our best years as a City are ahead of us.


Humbly, I ask for your vote on March 5th.


With kindest regards,

Mark Burton

Setting the Record Straight!


Though my voting record proved otherwise, the “special interest” smear campaign in the 2017 local election falsely labeled me as fiscally irresponsible. This was patently unfair and deceitful.  In truth, I was the fiscally prudent member of Council.


Fact: Voted “No” to a budget that raised employee salary ranges an incredible 25%


Fact: Voted “No” to a budget that increased our total full-time employee count to 300


Fact: Voted “No” to unnecessary “as needed” consultant contracts


Fact: Voted “No” to a $1.5 million settlement for a case without merit


We should not tolerate or accept such negative tactics which are designed to deceive voters with false and misleading information. This election, we need to say “No” to “win-at-all-costs” campaigns that stain the reputation of our community. Let us exhibit behavior that is consistent with the high values we all share.


If you need clarification regarding any issue, do not hesitate to contact me directly at (310) 562-7897 or


March 5th

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