Mark Burton for Manhattan Beach City Council  "Putting Community First!" Campaign

Mark Supports:


Make Manhattan Beach the Safest Beach City in California


  • Hire 5 more Police Officers for Neighborhood Patrol
  • Create a Special Problems Unit (SPU) to target & prevent crime
  • Expand City’s License Plate Reader Security Camera Program in El Porto, Tree Section and East Manhattan Beach
  • Expand Security Camera Registration Program including Ring Doorbell Partnership
  • Assign full-time Officers to MCHS, MBMS and daily random patrols at all MBUSD Elementary Schools
  • Increase MBPD Officers physical presence in our community (i.e. foot beats, bike patrols, and Volunteers on Patrol)
  • Enhance Neighborhood Watch Program to better engage our community and attract more resident participation in crime prevention (i.e. If You See Something, Say Something!)


Keep Our Community Special


  • Ban Short Term Rentals in our residentially zoned neighborhoods…the character of our Community is residential
  • Further strengthen our partnership with MBUSD and fully reimburse District for use of MBUSD facilities


Assert Local Control


  • Assert our City’s zoning & land use rights to fight State overreach
  • Protect our property values for Seniors and small businesses by supporting Proposition 13


Advocate for Fiscal Prudence


  • Create a culture of savings, rather than spending and identify efficiencies
  • Maintain our AAA Bond Rating
  • Reduce our total full-time employee count
  • Eliminate second pension for new management employees


Advocate for Environmental Stewardship


  • Reduce and eliminate plastics that pollute our ocean
  • Adopt Renewable Energy Policies
  • Adopt Climate Change Mitigation Policies
  • Clean our Storm Water and stop trash and toxic chemicals from entering our ocean


Mandate City Hall is Open 5 Days a Week and Fully Staffed


Earmark Additional TOT Tax Revenue for Community and School Safety Improvements


  • Funds should be used exclusively for hiring more Police, building the MB Senior/Scout House Community Center, improving School District Safety Infrastructure and other community needs
  • Additional revenue SHALL NOT be used for staff salary increases or pension costs

Mark Will Fight to Stop:


Short Term Vacation Rentals in our Residential Zoned Neighborhoods that negatively impact our  quality of life and turns our Community into a tourist city


The Cal Trans Sepulveda Bridge Expansion that eliminates the Deceleration Lane for the Manhattan Village Mall


The proposed Desalination Plant that pollutes our ocean and raises our Water Rates (i.e. We need more Recycling, Storm Water Capture and Conservation)


High Density Development that is counter to our Low-Profile Development Goal

Paid for by Mark Burton for City Council 2019 ID# 1414723